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Apple nectar produced from concentrated apple juice. Ingredients: water, concentrated apple juice, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid and antioxidant: L - ascorbic acid.
Fruit content: min. 50%. Pasteurized without preservatives

This juice meets the human daily needs in the following percentages

Vitalis Multivitamin 1 L
Vitalis Naranča 1 L
Vitalis Jabuka 1 L
Vitalis Brusnica - Jabuka 1 L
Vitalis Borovnica - Šumski plodovi 1 L
Vitalis Kruška 1 L
Vitalis Crna ribizla 1 L
Vitalis Family Jabuka 2 L
Vitalis Family Naranča 2 L
Vitalis Family Šumsko voće 2 L
Vitalis Family Tropsko voće 2 L
Vitalis ACE 1 L