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Today the production is located in Tuzla, with offices in Banja Luka and Sanski Most, as well as a private enterprise, Bony drinks Croatia with headquarters in Zagreb, which takes care of the placement of Vitalis juices on the market of the European union.

Quality is ensured through the introduction of ISO 9001 and HACCP standards as well as continuous surveillance of the production by our own and relevant public laboratories.


Vitalis Brand

The brand Vitalis was created as a result of almost one year of development, which was led by the international operations team for implementation, made up of experts from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Sweden

The name Vitalis has been carefully selected in order to describe, in the best way possible, the core values behind the products: Health, nature and activity.

The idea which initiated the launch of the Vitalis product line is very clear:
High quality at an affordable price.

Consistent implementation of these ideas and constant innovation is the reason that more and more customers  drink Vitalis juices.


Back in year 1997, a small facility was opened in the centre of Tuzla which started producing syrups and soft drinks. Good quality and superb value for money were quickly recognised on the market, so in a short period of time the product line was expanded and the amount of delivered products was increased several times.

2005 Production moved into a newly built factory outside of town, which lies on sources with the highest quality drinking water

2007 Vitalis juices in one-litre packaging appear on the market. In the following 12 months, Vitalis juices become the best selling domestic brand of juices in Elopak packaging

2010 Begins the export of Vitalis juices into several European countries.

2011 Vitalis Family juices in economical two-litre packages appear on the market.

2012 Redesigned one-litre packages, complemented with new tastes are released on the market.

2015 The company Bony drinks (juices) Croatia launches, and becomes the main importer of Vitalis and Vitalis Family juices for the area of the European union.

Vitalis juices are manufactured in one of the most modern production facilities for fruit juices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a 20 year long tradition.