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CSR – social responsibility

Vitalis juices need to be produced with pride and satisfaction for everyone involved in the process of production and without any negative consequences on the environment.

Not only is it important to create a quality product, put it on the store shelves and make profit. If the business is not socially responsible, it has no future.

The production of Vitalis juices, meet the strictest environmental standards when it comes to the direct impact of the production process on the local environment and when it comes to energy consumption, which indirectly has an impact on the wider environment.

A high level of safety at work, (management culture) and stable financial liquidity ensure a comfortable working environment for all employees.

When labelling and advertising products, we strictly follow all legal and ethical norms, so it cannot happen that the consumer is deliberately mislead.

Vitalis is a sponsor of many sporting, cultural and social events in the local community, as well as throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The production facility is always open for visiting to students from the local schools, so that they can see how healthy and (high) quality Vitalis juices are made.