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At the source of health

Nature comes first

At a time of aggressive attacks of all possible forms of environmental pollutions, there is only one answer, which can help the human race to survive. That is – back to nature.

Although the best solution, would be that we all start to cultivate our own land and live of its fruits, it's not possible. However, all of us can choose products in the stores, which will bring us closer to nature. Vitalis juices are exactly one of these products. Filled with quality fruit, free of preservatives or other unnatural substances, without artificial sweeteners and produced through the process of pasteurization, which ensures longevity, without destroying the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from fruits.

Why Vitalis?

Today there is almost an unlimited variety of products on the store shelves for every type of product, including juices. There are manufacturers from all around the globe which offer beautiful and colourful packages, different prices and attractive slogans. So which one should you choose?

Vitalis of course!

Why Vitalis?

Because of the great balance between quality and price

Because of a long and careful development of every new product

Because of the production process which preserves maximum quantity of vitamins and minerals

Because it doesn't contain any preservatives or other unnatural substances

Because it is shipped to 11 different countries worldwide.

If these 5 reasons are not enough,

The small encyclopedia of fruit

Each type of fruit has its own characteristics , which makes it different and useful for the body in its own way. Which type of fruit juice should you then choose? It depends on which part of your health you want to improve.

Vitalis little fruit encyclopedia, which describes the content of vitamins and minerals as well as other characteristics of each fruit, has the best answers to these questions.

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Fruit has always been a source of health.

Modern pace of life has made a lot of people, especially the employed, not able to take care of their diet but consume fast food, low in vitamins and minerals due to their lack of time. In the long run, this type of diet will have a bad impact on health, life expectancy and the quality of life.

Luckily, there is almost always a solution to all the problems in life. For those who don't have the time to go to the market and buy fresh fruit there are Vitalis juices which contain a high amount of quality fruit.

Therefore you can rightly say that Vitalis juices are a real source of health.

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